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AVIC International Aviation Development Co., Ltd., vice president, China Southern Airlines Ivey Hangjiao chairman Yu Ming Fu in a keynote speech "general aviation pilot training market, problems and the practice of" predicted 2020 training market, think GA pilots would require a total of about 10000, annual demand shows a tendency to increase progressively, a huge gap; helicopter pilot training will lead the rapid growth. Application to raise the speed of the increase in the number of pilot companies to increase the number of pilot Fu Yuming reference to the statistical look at the civil aviation, the driver development of the annual report in 2013, the development of navigation data, interpretation of the current......

China's low altitude airspace management reform in the process of a series of good policy is expected to be introduced in the near future, the National Space Administration Committee Office on October 14, held in Mianyang, Sichuan China general aviation industry development seminar said. National Space Committee Office plan finance department director oscillator said that relevant departments are studying in the country for the further deepening of the reform of low altitude airspace management

October 8, held executive meeting of the State Council to make a decision: to part or all of the local government decentralization general airport, cross-border inter provincial grid 23 class project approval authority.